Darou Afshan Shaygan Pharmaceuticals Company started its professional activity since 2016 in Tehran, in the field of manufacturing and importing of pharmaceutical products, Nutritional Supplements and Raw Materials.

Our priority is production of health-oriented products in various pharmaceutical dosage forms (Tablet, Ca[sle, Pellet, Syrup, Suspension, Drop, etc.) based on new formulations to provide consumers with the highest level of quality.

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Productivity Management

Optimal use of available
resources, waste
reduction, production of
High quality and publicly
available products

GXP Principles

Observance of principles
all production processes,
analysis and supply of

Quality Management System

Establish a quality
assurance system to
ensure the quality and
.suitability of products

Business Develpment

Development of activities
and access to new and
international markets and
more service to the

Innovation and Variety

Production of new and
variety of products in
order to achieve higher


Develping the attraction
and training of human
capital and creating
.specialized partners